Damien du Preez

Photo of Damien du Preez

Hi there, I’m Damien du Preez. This website serves primarily as a space for me to share my writing and work, but also for you to learn a bit more about me and the things that occupy my time.

I’m currently a final year student at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, studying political science, philosophy, and economics. I’m primarily interested in how we can build a better world for ourselves and future generations, and so I focus quite a bit on alternative economic and political systems, the just transition, degrowth, public and non-motorised transport, human wellbeing, and sustainable cities. Much of this is motivated by a deep concern for the impacts of climate change, particularly in the African context.

In addition to this, I work as a marketing and communications assistant for the Centre for Research on Democracy (CREDO) and the South Africa Research Chair in Gender Politics.

If you’d be keen to have a chat, feel free to send me an email. If you’d like, you can also reach out on Twitter, where I’m pretty active.