Damien du Preez

Photo of Damien du Preez

As an aspiring business and investment professional, I complement my wide-ranging interest in global affairs and sustainable development with the active pursuit of opportunities to build a diverse range of professional experience. In my current position as the head of marketing and communications for CREDO, I’ve played a key role in successfully growing the Centre’s reputation and impact as an international research institution.

In June of 2023, I’ll complete the last course for my Bachelors degree at Stellenbosch University, which focused on the study of economics, political science, and philosophy. This included six months at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Come 2024, I’ll begin postgraduate studies in economics while continuing to upskill myself by participating in industry-relevant events.

Uniting much of what I do is a deep fascination with the issue of building a better world for ourselves and future generations. My goal is to thus help catalyse the growing economic linkages between Africa and key global markets, contributing to the sustainable development of the continent and simultaneously meeting critical needs abroad.